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Hannah and Sarah : Post 2


Ninja turtles but girls. 


I want Faiz to love me. I like Faiz and you like Faiz and that (is) enough.

Hannah and Sarah : Post 1


Hello, I am Hannah.
This is my home. We can play together. You can sit down and we can sit down together and watch TV. We can play dinosaur.


I love Hannah and you love me. Today is morning day. We get together forever.

Hello and Welcome!

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Ibu is here representing the girls for the first post.

Before the girls post their own photos and words,I would love to share with all of you, one photo of the girls (photo above), which I like so much. This photo was taken somewhere early last year before Faiz made his big appearance into this enchanted world. Haha! I enjoy taking photos although I might not be very good at it.

I am a mother of three (for now). My eldest is Nur Hannah and she is 6 years old. The second one is Nur Sarah and she is 4 years old and the precious gem of the family falls upon Muhammad Faiz and he is 16 month-old.

I somehow can't believe myself that I am a mother to three beautiful kids. Things that somehow we (girls especially!) go 'eeeuwww...eeeuuwww..", "that's how women give birth?". Things that we women promise, "I am not going to do it one more time. This is the last!"

Yeah, we women/mothers did it! Again and again. Yeay! LOL!

Motherhood is simply painstakingly beautiful. A journey we somehow do not learn from textbook but we manage to go through it. A journey we sometimes feel like giving up, but we do it anyway. 

When I first became a mother, it was stressful indeed. You know, the first time of everything and you sort of like read all, ALL the books on early childhood,motherhood whatever that came across your eyes on the family bookshelves at the bookstore and to your amusement nothing of the things mentioned in the books happened 'beautifully' to you. You sort of thought that everything went wrong and nothing you did seem right. Not to forget the amount of advice, comments, remarks, suggestions, notes and even scoldings that you received from every single person around you. Wait a minute, who gave birth to this baby actually? Yup, that's about it! I, at one point, almost went berserk. I couldn't handle it! It was all too overwhelming! I was angry all the time and at everyone because I thought I was a bad mother. Juggling between my career and an infant it was totally chaotic. 

Now, when the kids are growing up, we are faced with different challenges. I used to tell myself, "I want to be that cool mum. I can cook everything and all the time. I can do everything my kids ask me to. I can have a squeaky clean home. I can be fashionable. I can put on make-ups. I can socialize. I can go to spa-meni-pedi whatever not, I can go shopping, I can enjoy reading..." - and the list goes on!

The ugly truth - I can do nothing. I buy takeouts most of the time; doing what my kids ask me to has never been that easy without the accompaniment of tears and snots; my home is always in a mess; nope, I don baggy jeans,baggy sweaters all the time; yeap, no make up AT ALL since I quit my job; nah... I don't go out for coffee sesh anymore except with my husband and the whole entourage and it is more of like a 'chasing-the-kids' session than sipping coffee and eating buttery scones; "What is spa-meni-pedi?"; Hmm I shop for other people's things most of the time -grocery, kids' clothing; I read at the rate of one word per hour. 

Wait! Don't get me wrong. I am not lamenting nor am I giving advice. In my honest opinion, I am THE mother who needs all the advice in the world. These are just the daily accounts of my life as a mother. None that I would trade of with anything. Things that I need to work out myself. I am more than thankful to Allah for letting me living my life now. 

Although, I admit, I do stalk Vivy Yusof's IG on a daily basis and continue dreaming of living her life. LOL. 

The point is, motherhood is not a competition of who's cooler than whom. You do things not to please yourself or other people and not because you are intimidated by other people.Envy is good, but take it positively (yeah, but  I still envy Vivy Yusof hahaha). You win some, you lose some.

Each of us mother is a beautiful and a very special human being. We are chosen to be the mother of those beautiful souls. Go steal a look at them now. Do you see what you are supposed to see? You don't see those screaming, crying, tantrum-throwing faces, instead, you see those twinkling eyes looking at you lovingly. I bet, each of us is always looking and staring at them when they are sleeping and crying ourselves to bed thinking that, "I am a bad mother." (I do that most of the time. LOL!)

Yup, I am practically doing almost the same thing everyday but I am happy.  For now. Before all those screamings begin. Again. 

The best piece of advice I have received so far is from my six year old, "How did you open that can, ibu? Wow, you are so cool!"

What I get to interpret is that no matter what we do, our kids will always look at us, mothers, as the coolest human beings on earth - eventhough what we do is as simple as opening a can of sardine or drawing 'orang lidi'.

My daily motto nowadays is - Just do your best if you can't be better.

We mothers are miraculous human beings on earth. Enjoy motherhood as much as you can, no matter what you do.

Oh,before I forget. The purpose of me creating this blog is of course to strengthen the bond I have with my girls (my boy will join as soon as he is big enough, *chuckle*) and of course, I would love to understand them better. I am giving them the freedom to snap photos of anything they like and to give their thoughts about their own photos. Hopefully, we can come out with good things from this. Hopefully, it can be something that they will cherish when they are grown up or maybe they could do something similar with their own kids. Of course, for the fun of it too! Hey, you could do this too! Why not?

I am signing off from this blog for now. It will be the girls wordings after this. More of my rantings on my other blogs. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you will enjoy my girls' photos after this. 

Lots of love,